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You may spend thousands on a dress but making your outfit really pop in a crowd comes down to the right accessories. Scarves, ties and gloves worn as they were designed, thrown casually over an arm or shoulder, or peeking partly out of a pocket can add a new dimension to your look. Done right, these accessories can be a playful dash of color or a hint of sophistication. Craft the look you want with the fantastic deals and discounts from Seven.Deals.

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What to consider when choosing new scarves, ties or gloves?

Accessories are sometimes more important to your overall look than your suit or dress. However, it can be either an asset or a liability, depending on what you wear and how you wear it. Here are some tips to make your new scarf, tie or pair of gloves do all the heavy lifting and make you a fashion icon.

  1. Color makes a splash – Mixing and matching colors is usually frowned upon when you are creating an outfit. However, a small dash of color can be an exciting addition if done in the right way. A pair of gloves on your hands or a small scarf thrown over a shoulder can be an intriguing infusion of style you can use to your advantage.
  2. Less is more – This usually refers to how much color or how big a scarf or tie is. However, here, we are referring to how to use small glimpses of these haberdashery items for maximum effect. For example, there is no need to wear a tie around your neck – why not tie it around your wrist or around your handbag strap instead? Take gloves off your hands and place them in a pocket so that a little part sticks out.

The best scarves, ties and gloves deals from Seven.Deals

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