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Frequently asked Questions

Answers to our most frequently asked questions are just one click away

Where is your store located, how to make an order?

We are not an online store and do not sell products. Our service tracks prices in different online stores and offers products with verified discounts. You can go to the store page directly from our website and make a purchase.

Where to enter the promotional code/coupon code?

To use the promotional code, you need to go from our website to the store page and enter the promotional code in the corresponded field when making a purchase.

I went to the store page, but the goods were not available ...

There is such a probability and we work on immediately responding to changes in the availability of the goods, but sometimes we receive this information from the store and, accordingly, there may be goods in the catalog that are actually not available. If you find one, please give it a negative rating, so the likelihood that other users will see it is reduced.

I am looking for goods/store, but I can not find - why?

Perhaps these goods are not yet available at a real discount, or the store that sells them is not currently located on our service.

How to add a store or products?

If you can't find the store you prefer in the catalog, you can contact us via the feedback form and we will consider the appeal and possibly manage to add it.

If you are a store owner, please provide a link to the store and contact details in the form.