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This Agreement is an official document that governs the relationship between Seven Deals (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”), as a service provider and you, as a consumer of services (hereinafter referred to as the “Client”), and automatically enters into force after you register on the Service’s website or use its other components.


    1. Seven.Deals is an Internet Service that allows you to track promotional offers and discounts on websites of a number of Stores - offered by the editors of the Service (Stores are business entities that have posted information about their goods / services offered for sale to customers through the Service website).
    2. If the Store has information with discounts or promotions that is not valid at the time of your visit to the Store or the price differs from that on the Service, the Service does not bear any responsibilities.

    1. In order to become a Customer of the Service, you must be at least 18 years old. The client must sign up on the Service website.
    2. One person can have only one account, otherwise the Service reserves the right to block and delete repeated accounts.
    3. If the user has successfully registered on the Service website and created his account, he automatically becomes his Client.
    4. Do not give or transmit to other people the login and password of your account, do not save it on other computers, phones or tablets, otherwise the Service is not responsible for any damage caused to the Client.
    5. If the Customer of the Service has violated the terms of this Agreement, the rights of third parties or poses a threat to its operation, the Service has the right to block the Customer's account with its further deletion.
    6. Service has the right to make functional changes to the site, change the algorithms of work, as well as this Agreement.
    7. If for some reason you change the email address or other data specified during registration, make sure to change them in your account, otherwise there might occur problems using the service.

    1. The service does not sell any goods or services, but is an advertising platform that provides Stores with information about their goods / services.
    2. The Service is not responsible for the quality of goods or services provided by Stores. All claims regarding the quality of the goods / services of the Stores are sent directly to the person who sold the corresponding product or provided the corresponding service.
    3. The Service does not bear any responsibility for the change or termination of any Store presented on the Service website, as well as for any of its influence on the correctness of the display of offers in connection with such changes. The Service is not responsible for the modification or termination of any special offers, promotional codes and coupons on the Store website.
    4. The service is only liable for direct losses or inconveniences specified in this Agreement caused by the action or inaction of the Service employees.
    5. The service reserves the right to delete the Client's account if there is no activity on this account for 180 days.

    1. The Service on the basis of relevant agreements may be an agent of the Stores and provide them with services to attract customers - consumers.
    2. The Service does not carry out and does not organize the sale of any goods / services, the trading process, is not a seller; does not affect the pricing and policy of the Stores; does not manage the terms of their shares.
    3. When the Customer purchases any goods and / or services from the Stores that can be accessed using the Service, all rights and mutual obligations of the parties arising from the purchase and sale process arise directly between the Stores and the Client.
    4. The Service is not liable to the Clients or to any third parties for any damage, including lost profits or lost data, damage to honour, dignity or business reputation caused in connection with the use of the Service.
    5. The service is not responsible for any content on the sites of the Stores, including (but not exclusively) for violation of copyright and related rights to intellectual property.

    1. By registering for the Service or using any other components of the Service, you acknowledge the fact that the Service is the owner of all the contents of the Service website, including the Seven Deals brand. The trademarks, brand and logos of the Stores, as well as other data of the Partners and / or Stores, which are published and available on the Service website, are the intellectual property of their owners. The Service is not the owner of the intellectual property and other data of the Partners and / or Stores. The use of the Partners 'and / or Stores' trademarks on the Service website is carried out on the basis of the relevant partnership program agreements concluded with them and cannot be regarded as a violation of intellectual property rights or misleading users by creating an impression of the connection between the Service and the Partner and / or Store.

      Using the Service’s website cannot be regarded as transferring any intellectual property rights to the user regarding the contents of the website. Intellectual property and other data of Partners and / or stores are used in accordance with the rules established by their owners.

    2. No one has the right to copy, distribute, publicly display or create derivatives of the Service’s website, or use any materials belonging to the Service company without obtaining permission.
    3. Using services or any other materials belonging to the Service, you agree to comply with all additional instructions on protection of copyrights and trademarks on the Service website, as well as all other instructions and restrictions.

    1. The service guarantees you the use of personal data provided during registration on the Service website, purely in accordance with applicable laws on the protection of personal data.
    2. Who sees your personal data. Only a limited number of Service employees for the formation of individual marketing activities. The service reserves the right to open your personal information if required by law or a court decision.
    3. Your right to privacy in the Service. Any contact with the support service of the Service, in which your personal data will be provided, will be used only to resolve the issue. Any personal information provided by you will not be stored or used for any other purpose than resolving your issue.
    4. If there is a change in our privacy policy, we will post a notice of the corresponding change. If changes are made to this policy, we will notify you at your email address or by notification on the main page of the Service website.
    5. Your right to privacy with our Partners. The Service does not transfer the Client’s personal data to its partners and Stores.
    6. The Service website contains links to the websites of the Stores. Each Store has its own privacy policy, which may differ from the Service’s privacy policy.

    1. The Service reserves the right to fully or partially transfer its rights and obligations under this Agreement to any individual or legal entity.
    2. The Client does not have the right to violate the terms of this Agreement, as well as unilaterally transfer his rights and obligations to third parties, without prior written consent from the official representative of the Service.

    1. The Service reserves the right to unilaterally suspend or completely terminate the access of any Client to the services of the Service if he has violated the terms of this Agreement.
    2. Any attempts of fraud or deception by the Client entail the removal of the account of this Client.
    3. If you find or suspect violations of the above conditions, please inform us at We will consider your appeal and make sure to take appropriate measures.

    1. The Service admits the probability of failures in its operation due to technical malfunctions or malicious actions of third parties. In the event of such a situation, the Service reserves the right to suspend work until the threats or errors are eliminated. In all cases of failures of the Service, requests for refunds will not be considered.
    2. The Service undertakes to eliminate the technical problems that have arisen as soon as possible.

    1. According to the terms of this Agreement, Client provides the Service with an irrevocable right to use and publish the available data about the Client (personal, statistical data, etc.) for advertising and marketing purposes, as well as any kind of publications.

    1. The service sends out several types of emails:

      • letters with offers from Stores;
      • letters with offers from selected stores;
      • letters about innovations in the service;
      • letters about promotions and offers;
      • newsletter;
      • other service letters.
    2. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the Client confirms his consent to receive these emails. In each letter, the Client will be given the opportunity to "Unsubscribe from the e-mail newsletter."
    3. The client is responsible for updating and maintaining the correct contact information in his account on the service. The client can make all changes on the Settings page in the personal account of the Service.

    1. This Agreement is considered concluded at the time of registration of the User on the Service website and is valid until the removal of the Client account.
    2. This Agreement and the cooperation of the Service with Clients, as well as each Client personally, must act only within the framework of the law.
    3. All disputes and disagreements that arise during the term of the Agreement are resolved through negotiations between the Service and the Client.
    4. Unsettled by mutual agreement disputes and disagreements regarding this Agreement shall be resolved in court in accordance with the law that applies to the relationship between the Client and the Service.
    5. We do not store separately each Agreement with our Clients. You can watch it on the Service website.

    1. You can contact us or send your questions using the email address of the Service